Honouring People & Place




[ ˈloʊ kəs ]

1. a place; locality.
2. a centre or source, as of activities or power: locus of control.



[ ˈmɛm wɑr, -wɔr ]

1. a record written by a person with intimate knowledge
2. a biography or biographical sketch.
Alex Mausolf

Documents People & Places

He explores the unique connections between people & places that may currently be unused, are in the planning stages of undergoing restoration or being repurposed. Alex also documents a broad range of human interest motif’s. He does this with unique creativity, compassion & reverence for those being interviewed, the places of interest & those using it.

This is achieved through the use of land-based & aerial captures, creating a wide range of still & moving imagery. These are presented in high quality digital images for social media use, a variety of print options & short video documentary forms.


for Alex covers the exploration & research of the topic or motif being explored in the case of human interest stories. This extends to the places being explored also, along with the capture & delivery of a broad range of motifs. These cover people stories of varying topics, residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial, educational, religious & other types of places & things before they perish or as they undergo transformation.

Alex Mausolf is a unique


He is a Camerapixo certified & registered Photo & Video journalist, holding an active Press Card, valid till July of 2020. He works with photographic, video & aerial captures, editing & production to the highest of standards for print & digital media delivery.


Alex has his own

full public liability coverage, professional indemnity & a white ticket. This allows & covers legal access to working building sites & places in disrepair. He has a great working knowledge of safely getting around busy building sites, even with his assistance dog by his side!


documenting of places in a state of closure, abandon, ruin or undergoing change is easy & undertaken with the utmost respect for both the place, its owners & those working there.

Photo Capture

Timelapse Hyperlapse

Video Capture

Aerial Footage



as Alex is undertaking a Bachelor of Arts degree he is building a portfolio of works, so is taking on a very limited number of places to explore thoroughly as pro- bono efforts. He has chosen for his studies to have a heavy focus on exploring & capturing unique human interest stories along with the connection between place & occupants; exploring this with still & moving visual captures of a land based & aerial nature. This also includes uncovering the history & nature of these places.





A massive low-cost boarding house of historic importance undergoing renovation.

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